Do you love food? Are you a person who always wants to try the ‘real’ local cuisine? Are you someone who is not afraid… To eat delicious food! Then go with my on my local food hunting adventure.

Bali has an unique ‘culinary culture’. A rich fusion of spices and legendary family recipes. This makes Bali unique, even to today’s standards. You don’t need to pay a lot of money in a 5 star restaurant to get the best food. No. I know all the best chef-mama’s and they will beat every restaurant!

The ‘hunting’ works like this. To experience the real food you need to visit local shops, called ‘warung’. But since you can’t see them from the outside (for the untrained eye…) it is important to know where to go! Also you have to explore the Balinese community’s from the inside and visit traditional markets.

Famous Bali dishes you WILL get to try out!

And many more….So I recommend this tour package for travelers who love adventures and who want to experience the ‘hart’ of the Balinese culture: FOOD! And as I like to say: ‘Prepare your TUMMY!’


  • Monday – sunday
  • Closed at local event ceremonial

Time & duration

  • start at 13.00 am
  • 4 – 5 hours

Thing that we do 

  • have delicious lunch with local food
  • have visit beauty ” beji ‘ temple
  • hunting delicious local dessert ( rujak, tipat, es jaje, etc )
  • have nice sunset at secret roof top
  • have nice local dinner


  •  warung sate babi
  • ” beji ” temple
  • local warung
  • secret rooftop
  • local house for dinner


  • USD 42 for 1 person ( include : cars and transport )
  • USD 15 for extra person
  • price include : lunc , snack, and dinner
  • pick up area : sanur, canggu, mengwi, denpasar, ubung, seminyak, kuta,

Are you ready for an adventure?

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