Green Escape

Nature, culture, beach and bali it’s perfect “ medical “ instrument for your soul. While your busy daily life, stress of work and bit by bit decrease you energy. So with us you can recharge energy back, escape to beautiful day in bali with nature, culture, and the warm of morning who always say hello every day you woke up :). So here our recomendation for you : 

In hindu bali they know about ” tapak dara ” that symbolizes with ” + ” meaning for harmony and balance. And every line have their own meaning such as :

vertical up : harmony with god

Vertical down : harmony with nature and other

Horizontal : harmony with human being 

And now we want you to take a part with people who love bali and coral life, you will take to place for coral planting even so the place that will make you getting more close to nature, out from busy daily life. Join in, feeling it, and do good karma ( More Info )