Denpasar is thé central city of Bali. The name Denpasar originates from “ den”  which means south and ‘pasar’  which means market. So “ Denpasar ‘  means the places located at the south market. The culture here is thick and it has a rich past.

Denpasar is the central city of Bali. All the government’s activities and most (big) business are situatied here. This makes the vibe unique.

It is the city everybody sees first when visiting Bali and many people quickly make the assumption that it ‘isn’t that great’. No surfers, no beaches so no Bali. This is a shame because Denpasar has a lot to offer when you go off the beathen path.

The best time go to Denpasar is at noon , because that’s the right time to enjoy traditional culinary cuisine and visit cultural buildings like a museum. Also other historical places and see how the locals spend their time after work is a great thing to experience in Denpasar.

Markets, Warung (local home-made food), Bali (art) musuem, local café’s & coffee shops and a lot of hidden places make Denpasar a vibrant placet to visit. But, you need a good guide… If not, Denpasar can be a rough place so visiting Denpasar at night will be a great adventure and one that will make your Bali Experience unique and unforgettable!

The Denpasar Noon Package Contains:


  • Monday – Sunday
  • closed at local event ceremonial

Time & duration

  • Start from 10.00 am
  • 4 – 5 hours

Thing that we do

  • have visit ” Lapangan puputan “
  • have delicious local lunch at local warung
  • have visit ” Pasar Kumbasari “
  • have nice coffee time at local coffee shop in Denpasar


  • Lapangan Puputan
  • Warung Dapoer Bunda
  • Pasar Kumbasari
  • Coffe shop Bhineka Djaja


  • USD 49 for 1 person
  • USD 11 for extra person
  • Price include : lunch , snack , coffe / tea time , transport ( pick up and drop )
  • pick up area : sanur, canggu, mengwi, denpasar, ubung, seminyak, kuta,

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