Delicious of Satay

Satay is the one delicious food in bali, it’s simple but perfect. Start from dice the meat pork, chicken or fish, seasoning with secret spices and grilled with hot charcoal. Hmmm…just imagine those satay already make me drooling In bali there are various kind of satay with delicious taste, here the list – Sate be […]

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Fun Facts about Balinese Name

Have you wonder, why bali name have title “ putu “, “ made “, “ ida ayu “, and else ?. have you wondering what meaning of that ? I bet there are lot of question in your head. So here the fun fact of bali name : – Count in birth For first born […]

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Unique Habit of Balinese People

Did you have bali friend ? Did you notice unique habit they only find in bali ? I bet you didn’t reorganize them. So let me list it for you – Kitchen first, other place later Look weird right ? But for us it’s has deep meaning. Kitchen for bali people it’s one of scared […]

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The Thing will Make You come to Bali

Instead bali have good view of beach, rice field and mountain, the one thing that make you always want to have vacation in bali again and again. Here the thing that will make you miss about bali – Smile for everyone This become one of cozy thing when you in bali, they are always have […]

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Little Story of Bali

Bali is the part of indonesia country, which is place between java and lombok island. As we know lot people know bali as “ the island of god “ or “ the island with thousand temple “. It because people in bali are hindu in majority. As they know as “ hindu dharma “ Bali […]

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