Cleansing your body and mind from strees out

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Melukat, bali way to clean body and soul

Stress is your body’’s way responding to any kind of demand. Cause by bad experience like being in deadline of work but still tons work must be done or the things that you can’t handle. So basically stress will be burden you mind and your body . So what the solution ? Easy just do vacation, out from job, clear your mind and find new look for you life. That the best therapy for you

In bali there are a lot activity you can do. Walk around in middle of ricefield, coming to local community, or do some “ melukat “ ritual. Melukat is balinese ritual for blessing your soul, clean your mind and spirit , repel all the negative energy and filling it with positive . So ready to take one of “ melukat “ ritual ? 

There are some place for melukat, from common one to the private. And the place always be one with nature, and you get the fresh water from the source, hmm.. really the fresh one you get and clean. So is good for you. And you must get the priest for permission and guide you in spiritual way. Just make sure. You don’t something wrong in there. So if you have cloudy mind or even stress out, find the good blessing with balinese ritual

As you thinking, we can provide you the place for melukat from the common one and the private place. And from famous temple and be one with nature, the choice is your hand. So what are waiting for Let’s go