End up your zombie daily life

Posted on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Have you ever feel you life getting flat lately ? Wake up – work – coming home – sleep – repeat. Seeing old demension over and over again ? Well it sign for you to need vacation, seeing new demension of life, “ vacations is the sitution you need to loose all burden on your life, finding new demension, and recahrge your enegry “ 

Thera are lot place in this world whe you want to do vacation, but only 1 place that you need. Bali the island of god, the island when the local culturre , nature, and modern day meet , from beach to jungle and from crazy party gals to relaxing energy places. 

Well let’s start from beach, you will find a lot of beauty full beach in bali, with good chilling vibe ( cannggu beach, padang padang beach etc ), surfing ( kedungu beach ), play with the water even enjoy sunset with style ( el carbo , finns ) , of cousre you will love it 

The culture in bali is so warmness , with “ tatwam asi “ ( you is me , I is you ) philosophy  in their life, make the day you here so memorable, the uniques of their culture will drive you to their positive energy , so try in ubud place, the well of relaxing in bali, you can do yoga , meditation and enjoy the nature never be so tempting there 

The food, well in every place and every country the thing that you must try is their local food, with rich of tropical seasoning, from vegan to meat eater are ready to discover by you 

Well, they are just a glimpse of beauty of bali, spread in all around of bali area , that thing that you need is, the person will accompany you to discover bali secret. so here we are ready to take you discover bali secret