Unique Habit of Balinese People

Posted on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Unique Habit of Balinese People

Did you have bali friend ? Did you notice unique habit they only find in bali ? I bet you didn’t reorganize them. So let me list it for you

Kitchen first, other place later

Look weird right ? But for us it’s has deep meaning. Kitchen for bali people it’s one of scared place in their house because where the god brahma reside. He will purify for every negative aura who following them when they have activity outside

Dinner/lunch invitation

Well, that habit already come for generation, specially for people who live outside tourist area. When you have visit their place as usual the owner will invite to have diner or lunch, that one bali hospitality for guest

Garden harvest testing

A side for dinner/lunch invitation, the bali people love to share their harvest to guest. For the one who doesn’t have garden, they usually serve some snack or crackers

No rice, no eat

For bali people breakfast, lunch and dinner rice must be first priority in table. Well look heavy food for breakfast, right ? But it’s already become habit for generation. For them if they don’t eat rice in menu, it’s just like eat snack and not filling the hunger

Those are some of unique habit of bali people have, they always remember to share their kindness and respect with other people even with outsider. Well it’s good thing have bali friend, right ?it’ll become unique experience when you can become part of they daily life in bali Sunday morning tour package we can make your adventure become unique experience