The Thing will Make You come to Bali

Posted on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Instead bali have good view of beach, rice field and mountain, the one thing that make you always want to have vacation in bali again and again. Here the thing that will make you miss about bali

Smile for everyone

This become one of cozy thing when you in bali, they are always have lovely smile for everyone, smile for ourself and smile for world

Be friendly with everyone

When you have vacation in bali don’t ever feel so lost, balinese people always love to lend a hand to you and they are so friendly with everyone, as long as you respect them they will more respect you back

Respect with nature

Bali and nature already one package. in daily life balinese people have they offering for respect nature and other like “ banten jootan “ it’s offer after they finish cooking to respect people from other world

Culture are part of soul

The basic culture for balinese people are kindness and respect each other, all those value come from word “ tat twam asi “ mean “ you is me, and me is you “, if you want to get respected you must respect other people first

Those are few thing will make you miss bali so much. With good view of nature, unique culture, and lovely people. And sure you holiday here will become unique. If you want to enjoy unique moment in bali and feeling the true bali life. You can count on our package in bali Sunday morning tour “ tuntun you to create meaningful journey “