Delicious of Satay

Posted on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Satay is the one delicious food in bali, it’s simple but perfect. Start from dice the meat pork, chicken or fish, seasoning with secret spices and grilled with hot charcoal. Hmmm…just imagine those satay already make me drooling

In bali there are various kind of satay with delicious taste, here the list

Sate be pasih

This satay usualy selling around beach area and made from fish. They dice the fish, grilled and also seasoning with simple spice, when it done serve along with “ sambal matah “

Sate kakul

Well, this satay look weird for you guys, “ kakul “ mean snail from rice field.some people love their taste, it’s chewy and tasty. they clean up first, pull out from shell, and grilled, when it done serve with peanut sauce

Sate lilit

Sate lilit is the popular one in bali, they usualy made them for local ceremony such as weeding, “ piodalan “, and similar. First mix between mice meat, coconut grated and mix spice, warp it on “ katik sate “ and bend ( lilit ) it with hand, after that grill it

Sate babi atau ayam

This one is the most wanted satay, specially for pork satay. Look simple to make. Dice the meat, then soak in mix spice for few hours, and ready to grill. When they are done serve with sweet spicy sambal

Hmmm looks so delicious. But for find that satay with real local taste is not easy. Good one seller have their own place to sell and maybe only local know because most of their place out from tourist area. If you want to make it self, you must have knowledge of local seasoning and spice. But if really curios how to make them with your own hand. Bali Sunday morning tour are ready to give you unique experience with their cooking class. Click here for their package