Little Story of Bali

Posted on Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Bali is the part of indonesia country, which is place between java and lombok island. As we know lot people know bali as “ the island of god “ or “ the island with thousand temple “. It because people in bali are hindu in majority. As they know as “ hindu dharma “
Bali are the one place which have unique culture and they still sustainable until now. So let’s peek up more about bali

  • Geography

Bali island has an area of 5.780,6 km2 and has a population of 4.230.051 peoples. Bali island can be separate as 2 side north bali which have mountain plain from west to east and south bali which have lowland area

  • Language

In daily life, bali people use balinese language and bahasa, but some of them can use other language , mandarin, japanese, russian, and english in common. That because bali is one of tourist destination

  • Religion

Hindu is majority in bali. It’s come from india, but there are slightly different between india and bali. That because assimilation with local culture. As you can see the different in ritual, architecture,etc but worship in same god like india

  • Social culture

“ banjar “ is small part from social culture in bali. In one “ banjar “ there are 3 main organization. “ banjar “ is group of father’s, “ PKK “ is group of mother’s, and last “ sekaa truna truni “ is group of youngters or the one who unmarried.

  • Local cuisine

Because bali place in tropical area, it make lot of food in bali have rich of flavor, start from delicious one such as “ babi guling “, pork satay, “ ayam betutu “ until the healthy, like “ tipat cantok “ , “ rujak “, “ jukut urap “ and many more
And don’t forget about local snack sweet, chewy, and delish like “ klepon “, “ lak-klak “, “ jaje lapis”, “ jaje uli” and many more

Well, lot of uniques that bali have, lot of hidden place which you never visited, the food you never tastes before, feeling getting close with social life with balinese people and there are lot of adventure who waiting to be explore island of god. So what you waiting for ? We are ready to take you to unique journey, which ready to be write in you life story with Bali Sunday Morning tour “ tuntun you to create meaningful journey “